Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Zilch #56 Adam Schlesinger & John Hughes talk GOOD TIMES!

John Hughes & Adam Schlesinger of Fountains Of Wayne/Producer of The Monkees "GOOD TIMES!" stop by to chat with Ken Mills. Also Micky calls BBC2's Chris Evans
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  1. Hate to be a negative people - and I loved Fountains of Wayne and am an original fan of the Monkees from the 60's, but seriously Adam, let people think you wrote the song for Micky to express love for a daughter or granddaughter for crissakes. Otherwise the lyrics are juvenile, stupid, insipid, inappropriate for a 70 year old and they have turned many off to this great song. Seriously. Listen to me.

  2. don't understand the concern at all, Hot Flashes. It's just in fun. Nobody cares that much. It's fine. Seriously? Listen to Me?