Thursday, May 26, 2016

Zilch #59 "GOOD TIMES!" Is Here!

"GOOD TIMES!" is out! Here we are all together on it's release Day, John Hughes drops by then we do a round table discussion of all 13 tracks . We also celebrate Zilch's 2nd Birthday! Thank you for listening to & for being part of this show. We love you. Aired 5/26/16.
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  1. Great show guys!!! I thought "Birth of An Accidental Hipster" sounded a lot like Mike's song, "Writing Wrongs" from "The Birds, Bees, And The Monkees" album!! Love that you guys went through each song - a nice preview!! Thanks!! Happy 2nd Birthday Zilch!!

  2. Great show, guys, though you kept me up to late (since I have to get up early to watch CBS Sunday Morning). LOVE this album! Happy Birthday, Zilch!

  3. If Rhino were really on their game, they would swap out the songs, adding the new songs to some of the broadcast episodes of the TV show, as was done shortly after the initial run of the show. This would probably put the new record on the top of the charts, if it isn't already. Lastly, with regards to guitarist Hugh McCracken playing on the new CD, I will have to ask this rather obvious question, since Davy isn't around to ask it: Doesn't Hugh McCracken have a brother named Phil? :D

  4. Enjoyed your review & the CD. I think this is the best Mickey Dolenz solo album that should of been released instead of his cover albums. I love the duets w/ Mike. Peter finally sings a decent song after all these years in The Monkees.
    I just heard the deluxe version on Spotify "Terrifying" should of been on the final CD and alt version of "Me & Magdalena" (version 2) is just as good as the final cut. Just an excellent song it should be a hit.

    Now here's a question. Do you think in time you will go back to play this CD as much as 'Headquarters' or 'PAC&J Ltd' or any of the 60's Monkees releases?
    I am not including 'Pool It"