Saturday, April 30, 2016

Zilch #55 "She Makes Me Laugh" Roundtable!

Join the Zilch Staff as we do a "She Makes Me Laugh" Roundtable , John Hughes spills the details on the 45. Ken Mills is joined by Jeff Hulit , Craig Cohen , Jeff Gehringer, Melinda Gildart and Mark from
Aired 4/30/16. #inductthemonkees
See the video here
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  1. So after 20 years, this is the best they could come up with? What a disappointment. The lyrics sound a little juvenile, especially the line about the pink party hats. I can see why Nez decided to jump ship!

    1. Nez hasn't jumped ship - he's fully on board for the album, and sings on this track (listen for his harmonies on the chorus)!

  2. Worst lyrics ever for a 70+ year old to sing - random, juvenile, but the music and singing is great.