Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Zilch #169 M101-13 "One Man Shy" & Monkees News

It’s time for Monkees 101! Tim Powers and Sarah Clark host the show and talk Monkees current events in 2021, then Sarah and Rosanne talk "One Man Shy", which aired Dec 5th 1966. Bashful Peter tries to win the heart of lovely debutante Valerie Cartwright (Lisa James) while dealing with her haughty boyfriend Ronnie Farnsworth (George Furth).
Songs: "I'm a Believer", "You Just May Be the One" (original version)
1967 reruns: "I'm a Believer" was replaced with "Forget That Girl."
Saturday mornings: "I'm a Believer" was replaced with "If I Knew." Check out Monkee Mania Radio https://live365.com/station/Monkee-Mania-Radio-a57014
Aired 9/07/21

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1 comment:

  1. Oh boy! Oodles of Monkee Goodness here! What a super duper podcast....really loved listening to Monkees 101 on "One Man Shy"...very well done everyone!