Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Zilch #142 “SUCCESS STORY”

Zilch is back! “SUCCESS STORY”-Monkees news and Mailbag. MONKEES 101 looks at the episode "Success Story" and the times around it, Get "7A" records " the CD/DVD set or 3 disc Record set of "7A" records "Davy Jones-Live In Japan" "Jones Organic Tea Co. at
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Originally aired 8/28/19
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  1. Great Podcast! I think this episode came early on, because there was a "real" threat at the time, of Davy possibly having to go to Vietnam! They even went so far as to imply in magazines, that maybe Mickey Rooney's son could take Davy's place if that were to occur!

  2. Thanks for listening and contributing to the conversation!