Thursday, August 8, 2019


"7A" (Glenn Gretlund & Iain Lee) drops by to talk the 2 CD/DVD set or 3 disc Record set of "7A" records "Davy Jones-Live In Japan"  Order it on n Amazon , Deep Discount your local record store.
Order the CD/DVD set or 3 disc Record set of "7A" records "Davy Jones-Live In Japan"
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Originally aired 8/8/19
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  1. This set from 7a Records is really awesome! Thank You Ian Lee and Glenn Gretland for your careful attention to detail on this, and for using some of my photos, as well as for the photo credits!! Thank you!! Love you guys!! Great podcast Ken - Thank You too!!

  2. The four Davy Jones MGM studio tracks on CD would be so darn good to have out. Now that this Davy Release is out, what could you release them on? There is only four tracks that I am aware of Who Was It? - Rubberine - Your A Lady and Your A Lady in Japanese... need more than 4 tracks on. CD...

  3. I ordered mine. It will be the first music I get from any Monkee or Monkey music for that matter. It was a matter of time. What to support this collector's item from the great people at 7a Records.