Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Ken & Christine talk A Groovy Towel, Monkees vs Macheen with "Royal Flush", we meet Julian Bailinson who plays some songs for us., Monkees News, and MORE!
Monkees vs Macheen: Royal Flush - for a tv show about a band, why was this episode aired first? The only reference to them being a band is the opening credits and Mike’s line in the opening scene after the credits where he says, “The cupboard’s bare, and it’s not about to get any fuller unless we play a gig.”
Aired on 4/25/18.
See Julian's video for "Mary Mary"
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Get the cool new Monkees book, "Long Title"
Pick up "Why the Monkees Matter" by Rosanne Welch here
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  1. Great to listen to Julian Bailinson’s music .. great version of Mary Mary! your music & oh that jangly guitar!!! ... as well as creative story and musings about the Monkees. Just one point that came to me here but is often mentioned elsewhere about the story lines of the episodes. From a certain angle can be seen as stereotyped and ‘simple’ but they are based on universal human themes which cross generations and tap into our fundamental humanity. They were also political ... standing for the underdog.
    Thank you for your very enjoyable podcast.

  2. Ps. Loved “ Shades of Gwey” !! 😂