Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Join Zilch's resident librarian, Sarah Clark, and Tim Powers as they sit down to discuss various notable titles in the ever-expanding library of books about The Monkees. Aired on 3/28/18.
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We were born to love one another.
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  1. the last book I would go to on this list to learn about the Monkees would be Nesmith's INFINATE TUESDAY-he barely mentions anything about them-

  2. ....well it is an autobiography and Mike's career track has not always been Monkees-related...

  3. I’m not far off finishing Peter Mill’s “Monkees, Head & the 60s”. Wonderful book... such a capacity to capture performance & music and put it into words.. that’s very rare in my experience. He includes a history of the band and profiles of each guy with a perspective that’s unique and perceptive. Here’s an example of his writing about Davy Jones “ Daydream Believer” ..“See how easily he catches the beat, red shirt, love beads, straight outta Openshaw..the world’s coolest Summer of Love hip cat, feet shuffling just right, hips swaying, hands clapping....”
    Fascinating analysis of “Head” ...great for fans nerds or anyone who wants to revisit this cult film from an in depth perspective. I’m really looking g forward to watching the film again when I finish the book.