Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Zilch #19 The NEW MONKEES

Marty Ross of the NEW MONKEES joins us. Marty is a first Gen Monkee fan. If you talk about the history of "Coke" You have to discuss"New Coke". It was the 80's, everything old was new again & EVERYTHING was being remade. Columbia, Sony & Straybert wanted to do some Monkee Business, this is some of that story

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  1. hey, marbles! great stuff!

    i'm r.b. armstrong and you know what?

    it really could've been so different.

    i know we never talked about this but i was caught up in the wave too, man.not for nothing but i worked my ass off trying to make the show amazing. i mean, for real? i got hired to try to pull one of my fave rave 60's shows into the future. i did not take that lightly...

    whatever, huh?

    1. Thank you for doing all you could to make it work

  2. Here are all 13 episodes of the NEW MONKEES

  3. I can't believe that this atrocity is canon on a Monkees blog.

    OTOH, it would have been a decent show named almost anything else, and Love and Affection is a hit in an alternate pop universe.

    1. Er, that's not the song that I meant.
      Burnin' Desire is the shoulda-been hit.