Saturday, November 15, 2014

Zilch #18 "Headquarters" Side 2

The Zilch Staff dives into side two of "Headquarters" and we are joined by Ghosty Tmers who lays down an "Alternate Reality" history What if the Monkee's never recorded "Headquarters"  Groovy

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  1. Ken, sorry to burst your bubble with regards to your favorite track, "Sunny Girlfriend", but you actually offered up the most compelling evidence that its author, Mike Nesmith, was not too proud of it, when you played the live version in which Mike calls it "Scroungy Girlfriend" and alters a line to, "painting smiles on dolls and then on my knee". (If Elvis had done the song in one of his movies, it would have fit right in with all the other substandard tracks.) One thing I noticed was that on this episode, all of the live tracks you played, supposedly from the box set, sounded exactly like the ones on the single disc. I would have to argue that Davy is at his best when he's belting out a song, like the live versions you played of "I Wanna Be Free" and "Forget That Girl". I think the studio versions often sound like he's singing in a public library. But I do think that Mike was somewhat in awe of and intimidated by Davy Jones, and stayed away from touring with the band for the simple reason that no group can have two leaders. Davy did an interview before he died in which he offered very caustic (and funny) comments about Mike, and said Mickey and Peter were probably off huddled in a corner somewhere awaiting their orders from Mike. How right he was!

  2. Thank you for weighing in. I love that track. It is a shame the guys could never work at it and pull it all together on stage for a tour before Davy passed. (Ken)

  3. Hi guys! Am just doing a bit of back bingeing if that's a term!! Anyway, just thought I'd pipe in with a little bit of info I've picked up since rediscovering the Monkees this year would you believe..after 50 years!!!!! Anyway, it's about the "Zilch" track. I heard an interview with Davy talking about how it came about...he said that he was walking with Mike at an airport and they heard "Bob Dobalina" being called out on the loud speaker..they started playing with it then and there with Davy coming up with his bit...they then took the idea to the others and, well, "Zilch" was born. I kind of like it because each Monkee put in their's playful. Thanks again for the podcast.