Friday, June 20, 2014

Zilch #3 "The Monkees" ALIVE!

Zilch #3 "The Monkees" ALIVE!  Hosts- Ken Mills ,Craig Cohen, Jeff Hulit, Sarah Clark & Craig Smith. discuss The Monkees LIVE experience through the years,
Originally posted 6/20/14
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  2. I've seen the Monkees 4 times & wish I could remember the detail you all do (poor memory skills, not altered mental status). The 1986 was my first concert ever & the last time was May of this year at the same venue I saw them 28 years prior. The most impactful memory I have is when Mike came onstage in 2013. It was great to finally see him perform & the fact I've seen pictures of him where he looks like my dad who passed the same year Davy did. That was surprisingly powerful for me. Just sayin'.....

  3. auntie dimae. You hang in there :) So glad you got to see the Monkees as many times as you did :)