Thursday, May 29, 2014

Zilch #1 "The Monkees" discussion side 1

We discuss "The Monkees"self titled first album! (Side 1).  Join Ken Mills, Craig Cohen, Jeff Hulit & Craig Smith as we play some cool tunes with some cool Monkees talk! And are joined by Sarah Clark for "The Monkees Cover Corner" Originally posted 5/29/14.

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  1. Kiss, Cheap Trick, now the Monkees? guys do podcasts of all my all-time fave bands! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Glad you are liking it all John Churchill. Tell your friends!

  3. really nice show-my first monkees album was Pisces....on release ,still a fave.

  4. Dig the show a LOT, but please stop using the word "mister" every time you mention someone's name.

    Thank you.

    Mister Tim Powers

  5. Sorry Tim Powers, It is an old habit of mine. I will try to do better :)

  6. Wow, I never thought I'd hear versions of the tracks with which I was unfamiliar, but you finally proved me wrong. Excluding the live performances (naturally they've done so much I'll never hear every variation of the songs), that studio session of Saturday's Child, assuming it was one, is something I've never heard before. Where did it come from? I must find it haha.
    As for Take a Giant Step, I always dug that song. It's got a good '60s feel midway between bubblegum and psychedelic (if that's even possible), and the lyrics have always spoken to me, especially when I think of some people I knew in college haha. And that live version, that was fantastic.
    (Oh, and that version of That Was Then, This Is Now... I thought I was going to like it at first, as the instrumentals are really good, but it took a while for the vocal stylings to grow on me)