Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Zilch #160 Peter Tork "STHH Deluxe" release.

Ken Mills is joined by Glenn Gretlund & Mark Kleiner the new 7a releases for the first-time reissue of his only solo album, 1994’s"Stranger Things Have Happened". It includes 9 bonus tracks and a 36 page colour booklet! The CD and Vinyl versions will be released on December 4th in the UK and December 12th in the US Find "7a" on FB www.facebook.com/7aRecords
Originally aired 11/24/20
US Customers:
CD: https://www.deepdiscount.com/stranger-things-have-happened/5060209950297
180g Splatter Vinyl: https://www.deepdiscount.com/stranger-things-have-happened-180gm-neon-magenta-splatter-vinyl/5060209950303

UK Customers:
CD: https://www.keymailrecords.com/stranger-things-have-happened-peter-tork-7a029?search=peter+tork
180g Splatter Vinyl: https://www.keymailrecords.com/stranger-things-have-happened-neon-magenta-splatter-vinyl-peter-tork-7a030lp?search=peter+tork
Or from Amazon worldwide
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  1. Milkshake is such a great track!

  2. Just got my copy. Love the bonus tracks esp the New Monks tracks. Milkshake and mgbgt should have been top 20 singles