Friday, May 26, 2017

Zilch #91 "BIRDS,BEES & THE MONKEES" SIDE 2 & More!

The ZILCH Staff talks "BIRDS,BEES & THE MONKEES" SIDE 2 & More!
The Podfather Ken Mills is joined by Sarah Clark, & Christine Carlson Wolfe for Monkees news.
Jeff Huilt welcomes Melinda Gildart, Jeff Gehringer, Ghosty (David Wills) as they go 'round discussing "BBM" Side 2. Aired on 5/26/17.
We were born to love one another.
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  1. I was banned from the Zilch forum for calling out someone using a Confederate flag profile pic.
    Fair enough, my response was reactive and not particularly elegant.
    Although I would argue that being a complete jerk to a bigot is much better than being a bigot.
    Because there's nothing normal or nice about having a confederate flag as one's avatar in 2017
    There's nothing normal or nice about posting in a Monkees forum using said avatar in 2017
    A confederate flag, for better or worse, may not rise to same level of vulgarity as the swastika, but you know, it's close enough.
    It really *is* close enough
    There's something wrong in our society when symbols of hatred & white supremacy are so ubiquitous that they become normal and simply blend into the background.

    Granted, the offending person seemed a bit backwater and made only irrational arguments.
    Such as "Would you have been offended if someone posted a rainbow flag?" (as if a rainbow flag, a symbol of tolerance and inclusiveness is somehow the equivalent of the Confederate flag).
    And "It's not a Confederate flag, it's the rebel flag" (they are literally the exact same thing).
    Or labeling me "Politically Correct" (being against white supremacy and siding with the oppressed over the oppressors is much bigger than being simply "PC").

    While I question the even-handedness and of the co-host/moderator who banned me, I have no ill feelings towards her and will just say "you can't see the forest for
    the trees..."
    You were able to identify & react to the smaller problem with a ban instead of a warning (!), but the bigger problem went unaddressed.
    Of course, depending on your own worldview, you might not see what I see as the bigger problem as a problem at all.
    Or simply a can of worms you don't want to open.

    The podcast is still awesome even if a racist is being coddled on the forum.

  2. Ken here. I am against racism in all forms. Face Book has certain standards as to what they will allow. The person's choice of a Rebel flag is not what I would have chosen. I also believe in Freedom of speech. The persons Profile pic is nothing I want to be identified with. Having said that , I am not a fan of "isms" for the most part. She altered her profile pic. I cannot control what other folks choose. The best thing to do is scroll of by or, block the user. To me the discussion on the Zilch FB page should be about The Monkees. Period. Nothing else has a place there. I do understand where you are coming from. Freedom will always be a challenge. May our better voices rise to the top.