Saturday, February 25, 2017

Zilch #81 Circe Link & Christian Nesmith talk new CD

Sarah Clark talks life, love, & music with Circe Link and Christian Nesmith, They preview tracks from Circe’s new album, "Enchanted Objects and Ordinary Things"!
Sarah and Christine Wolfe also update you on Monkees news and take a dip into the mailbag!
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Aired 2/25/17.
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1 comment:

  1. Listen, I love The Monkees, The Beatles, and everyone who came out of the 1960s civil rights/anti-Vietnam War movement. I was born in 1962. I took acid in 1979 when I was 16; mescaline about 10 times, also; I know the score. All our lives emanate from the same Divine Light. We're in an unprecedented time, though; because of the three nuclear reactors melting down in Fukushima; we don't have the luxury of time. The world needs miracles. We're the ones who've always believed in miracles. We're the True Children of Heaven. Remember: we were the ones who resisted nukes and war. I was in Central Park in 1982 for the No Nukes demonstration. The thing we warned them about is happening:
    Eve of Destruction. Here's what I want to say: I'm still a pure virgin at fifty-four. I've done yoga, Tibetan, Zen, everything. I'm not perfect; but there are Super-natural entities...Angels, Goddesses, ETs, Inter-dimensional beings, yoginis, dakinis, etc, entering the time-space continuum through me: through my subtle body, what I call my Yoga Body; the one on the inside. THEY PREFER TO CROSS OVER THROUGH ME BECAUSE I'M PURE. THEY'RE GOOD; THEY INTEND WELL FOR THE WORLD, NOT ILL. I want to say, Don't doubt that I'm on your side; I remember everything: all the love and good intentions and prayers you made for the world. It's remembered; it's not forgotten. Circe Link and Christian Nesmith: We don't seem to get along very well together; I always feel tension at the Living Room Concerts. But our personal differences are irrelevant and immaterial to me. We intend the same Goodness for the world. So you can always consider me a friend and an ally. - James Mullaney