Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Zilch #74 "Good Times! Plus"

"Good Times! Plus" comes out on "Black Friday 2016. Rhino record's John Hughes talks the new release. The Podfather Ken Mills is joined by Melinda Gildart, Jeff Gehringer, Ghosty (David Wills) & Richard Woloski ask we look back at "Good Times!" and we review the bonus Tracks.
Aired 11/22/16
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1 comment:

  1. Y'all are killing me with your discussion of the remix of "Love To Love" on "Good Times". Nobody has mentioned one of the most obvious ( at least to me ) differences between this and the previously released versions; Davy's voice is no longer double-tracked. In my opinion, this small change is a vast improvement. Sometimes double-tracking a singer's voice can make a track great, but just as likely ( as with "Sometime In The Morning" ) the double-tracking can detract from the effectiveness of a song ( Particularly if the vocalist strays too far from their first performance. It can make the singer sound sloppy and out of tune ). I much prefer this mix of "Love To Love" to the original.