Monday, October 3, 2016

Zilch #69 Monkees Souvenir

On 9/16/16 The Monkees played a concert at the Pantages. It was Michael Nesmith final show as a touring Monkee. This episode is a souvenir of that night. Zilch listeners share their memories from that night. Thank you for being part of the year of the Monkees
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  1. Excuse me, but how do you know it was Nesmith's final performance with the Monkees? He himself admitted to sometimes purposely putting out misinformation, such as not being able to tour with them due to an imaginary deadline on some anonymous book that he later said he didn't even have a publisher for. Maybe this was his way of making sure the show was a sellout.

  2. The deadline was real, as he was writing his autobiography, which is now available on Amazon.

    I hope Mike does continue to play with the surviving Monkees, even if they don't tour under the Monkees moniker. I had the pleasure of seeing Mike and Micky and Peter in concert back in 2013 (a family affair too since Mike's son, Christian was touring with them) and it was the first and only time I got to see Mike perform live in person. I had always hoped I'd get to see the four of them perform at least once but unfortunately that didn't happen for me.

    The guys are in the 70s now and maybe they want to slow down and focus on other projects. Even Peter's band, Show Suede Blues will only perform two concert dates this year, (both in October) so manybe they want to settle down and enjoy whatever time they have left. But if any of them come to my town to perform, I'll be there to watch!