Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Zilch #37 Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd - Side 1

The Zilch Gang is back! We discuss Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd - Side 1! We talk future Monkee Micky plans and Jeff Gehringer sums up PAC&J LTD!

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  3. Hissing noise on "Sleeping": Probably a rainstick run through a flanger:



  4. I wonder if the album would have sold more copies had the Monkees' faces been featured on the cover. Back then, they used to try and con the Beatle-hungry public by selling half-baked "tribute" albums by unknown artists, and often would feature Beatle wigs or silhouettes on the album covers in an attempt to fool the buyers into thinking they were actual Beatles LPs. It wouldn't surprise me if a lot of people took a pass on this one, thinking it's a tribute to the Monkees, as played by some unknown group called Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones, LTD! (Note: I wrote these comments before hearing one of your panelists basically say words to the same effect.)

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  6. Amazing episode but, I have to get this out.... Love Is Only Sleeping was grossly under rated! A top 10 Monkees song, hands down along with the Door Into Summer! It has a typical Monkees solid guitar riff with a haunting under current throughout and gorgeous lyrics. Failing to mention the versus are in 7/4 time and the chorus's and the middle eight change to 4/4 time was a crime, coming from true Monkees fans. The sound effects are ahead of their time and Mike and Micky's harmonies are beautiful. If it were not for the censors it would have been a double sided single smash hit for sure b/w Daydream Believer. The background vocals/sounds, you all were trying to figure out are Micky, Davy & Peter going..."ahhhh, ah Sha la la la la laaaaaa" , you can also notice that by watching Peter's lips in the rainbow video. Which should also have been mentioned as one of the best videos for a song from a top 5 episode, that being Everywhere a Sheik Sheik.... in contrary to Melanie Mitchell who I believe does not have a proper understanding of the show and it's chief writers. All the politically incorrect episodes are among the best episodes have the highest ratings and people remember the most. Which brings me to Monkees In Manhattan which is a really good show not a bad show like you all said. It is a fast moving Marx Brothers homage to the tilt....If it suffers at all, only from being a little too frantic. Take out the interviews at the end and the episode would have been fleshed out a little better....love Foster Brooks doing his thing, the millionaires club scene, so many great Monkee one liners, sight gags, references and shared imagination! Top 30 episode for sure! ...Back to the album, hands down the best album, every Monkees album should have been recorded/produced this way. Chip simply took what Boyce/Hart were doing so well but adding more Monkees in there with the pros! I call it the PAC&J effect.....all songs should have the PAC&J effect. If Daydream Believer, Goin' Down and Riu Chiu were added, it would have sold as well as the first album, 5 million. It sold 2 and a half million without them. That's amazing considering PVS and Words were released in July and this album was released in November!
    Those 2 songs were 4 months old but amazing nontheless ....should have had those 15 tracks on it. Also, it should have been noted, (Maybe on next episode) that 10 of the tracks have Micky's vocals utilized perfectly, blending with Mike and the others. Phew, had to get that out. I will write a proper book one day on my feelings and on ranking the songs & episodes. Until then, keep up the fantastic work!
    Being critical is a good thing as long as it's not demeaning only constructive....I hope that is how I'm perceived here because that is exactly how I would like to be perceived. You guys are awesome, I just like to share what I believe to be the reasons of The Monkees immense popularity and longevity. Peace & Love
    Tom Di Risio
    The Authentic Monkee Maniac