Friday, May 1, 2015

Zilch #30 Dino Kovas Talks Monkees-New Monkees & Road Kill!

Ken Mills is joined by Dino Kovas who discusses The Monkees, Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart, New Monkees & Road Kill! We hope you enjoy this fun conversation! Find us on Face Book, Rate us on Itunes!

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  1. Get some new material AkiroXKE dude. You wrote almost the exact same thing for the Marty episode. I didn't post a response that time because I figured, meh. But like a bad penny and all that, here you are again. I can understand not liking a music group and perhaps making valid arguments against their existence but seriously? You lose an argument when you start throwing out personal insults. Just sayin'. Now I know negative press is still press and all that and I am sure I got you all fired up to post your rebuttal. But whatever. I had to say something this time.

  2. Another interesting,Classic Podcast! Thanx,Ken!

  3. Thank you mr_mjb1960! Tell your friends :) (Ken)

  4. "Raybert/Columbia/Sony back then actually went so far to forbid the original Monkees from using the name Monkees or the Monkees logo"
    Ok, here is the deal, they owned it, Micky, Davy & Peter never did own their "name" (Though they could have bought it a few times, They actually at one point did not think it was worth owning.
    The Monkees have had to pay a licensing fee. Micky, Peter, Mike and/or Davy's estate do not own any rights to the name and Time/Warner/AOL and Columbia/SONY are free to sell or license any or all of their rights to anyone, for any purpose. It is their property.
    I do not know of any time where the band was not given an opportunity to pay the licensing fee. (Ken)

  5. What happened to the Monkees on 20th April 1989 at the Hammersmith Odeon, London England?

    They were served with papers by Columbia for using the Monkees name without permission.

    Ref: Many, many zines at the time including Head, Band 6 and Zilch. They got the papers telling them they were in for big trouble, as they were approaching the time where it would be illegal for them to use the name any more without huge money pay outs. Thing was the dates on the papers meant they could finish the UK tour without any problems as it seems Columbia hadn’t researched the dates properly. Still a sue you sue me battle did ensue with certain parties.