Thursday, March 26, 2015

Zilch #27 The "Lost 45" from "The Monkees" & 60's AM Radio!

Ken is joined by DJ's Jeff Gehringer  & Ghosty Tmrs AKA David Wills as we look for the "Lost 45" from "The Monkees" and salute Big Boss Radio from the sixties and The Zilch Mail Bag!
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  2. Interesting that Ken noticed the similarities between "Papa Gene's Blues" and "Fools Rush In" by Ricky Nelson, but nobody made mention of the fact that James Burton played lead guitar on both records. Also, it was stated by one of your crew that "Papa Gene's Blues" could not have been a hit in 1966, as it was "too country" and that there were no country songs in the top 40 back then. Offhand, I can think of one country song that charted at #8 on Billboard- "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry", a cover of the Hank Williams song by B.J. Thomas. (It doesn't get much more country than that!) Also, Roger Miller had a string of hits around that time, so there goes that theory. Finally, Ken mentioned that had "Papa Gene's Blues" been a hit single, it would have proven unequivocably that the Monkees had invented the country-rock genre. But did they? Aside from Elvis and the birth of rockabilly, Rick Nelson had an album out in 1966, "Bright Lights and Country Music", which could possibly swing the vote in his favor as Father of Country-Rock. I think the topic would make a good discussion for a future show. Keep up the good work and I'll keep on listening!