Monday, February 9, 2015

Zilch #24 Annabel Jones & the TV Episode "Success Story"

The Zilch Staff celebrates Davy Jones in this episode. Davy' daughter Annabel Jones joins us to talk her father, "Davy's Herd" and her music. Then the Monkees TV Episode "Success Story" gets discussed on The Monkees Color Cast Commentary.
To listen to Annabel's new song "Magnetic'
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“The Success Story”
David's grandfather is coming to America for a visit, so the boys conspire to make David appear rich and successful.

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  1. Watch it on Youtube

  2. I wonder if she would do a song and have her dad in it with her

    1. Yes!! Like Natalie Cole did with her Father, years after he passed away - both singing "Unforgettable" together!! That is an awesome idea!! I would love to see that happen!! I think the blend of their voices would be amazing!!

    2. God no!!! She is a horrible singer!

  3. One other aspect of the "Success Story" episode, where "I Wanna Be Free" is playing - another reason why this song works so well here, is that Davy "wants to be "Free" - living in America, in "the land of the free" - where those who live in England are still "English subjects" and ruled by the "Queen". It brings to mind people who come to America from other countries to be "Free"!

  4. Annabel seems a "luvly gull", as her dad might say. Too bad her music is so sucky!