Thursday, September 4, 2014

Zilch #11 Circe Link & Christian Nesmith

Circe Link & Christian Nesmith stop by the "Zilch" Headquarters for laughs, music and more!
This episode is dedicated to Christian's mother Phyllis, Circe's Mother Betty and my Grandmother Roberta Jean.

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  1. Here is the video that we played from the show of "Door Into Summer"

  2. Sorry, but I feel that this one was a waste of my valuable time. Circe and Christian are casual Monkees fans, and as such, should not have been the focus of an entire episode. This is a program from, by and of the diehard Monkees fans! Also, their version of "Good Vibrations" sounded like bad karaoke, to be charitable.

  3. Sorry you didn't care for it, it is part of what we fill is part of the Monkees Universe
    Thank you for listening anyway

  4. I totally disagree with the comment from AkiroXKE. Since both Circe and Christian were part of the last Monkees tour, they certainly have a major connection to the group that goes beyond the family connection. I also really like their music and enjoyed all of the covers and originals of theirs that you played and now plan to seek out more. I had the good fortune to see them perform at the 2013 Monkees convention, and I bought a CD from them. They were so friendly and gracious to me and all the fans with whom they came into contact. Thank you for giving them an opportunity to expand the horizons of your listeners by talking about their own music, projects, interests and history, as well as their relationship to and thoughts about The Monkees. I would count myself among those Monkees fans who were first drawn to them because of their Monkees connections but who will continue to be interested in them for their music.

  5. That is kind of the way I feel as well, Thank you for the kind words! (Ken)

  6. Circe and Christian have a new subscriber. Their cover of Good Vibrations is great.