Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Zilch #8 Monkees Drummer Rich Dart & More!

Touring Drummer for The Monkees & Micky Dolnez... The great Rich Dart takes us backstage and talks about The Monkees as a band member & a Fan! Akira Suzuki puts together "Title call" & Monkees Cover Corner with Jacob's Trouble Join us on Facebook
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  1. Episode 8 Rich Dart Show Notes

    For Petes Sake and No Time

    Peter Tork plays the Theater Organ at Fox Theater, Detroit MI

    The Monkees - Listen to the Band Northfield Ohio June 7 2014

    The Monkees "The Kind Of Girl I Could Love"

  2. Hey, thanks so much for the kind words and the shout out for our reunion concert. Love the podcast! Keep up the great work! (Jerry of Jacob's Trouble)

  3. Jerry, Thank you for contacting us, Jacob's Trouble is an awesome band, I enjoyed hanging out with you a few times (Conerstone, PA & Canton Ohio). Love the music and the message. Great albums. Ken from Zilch!