Monday, July 8, 2019

Zilch #139 The Spy Who Came in from the Cool

MONKEES 101 looks at the episode "The Spy Who Came in from the Cool" and the times around it, Micky and his band play a couple of tunes and a good time is had by all. Order the New Davy Jones cd from "7A"!
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Originally aired 7/8/19
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  1. Oh wow thank you for this episode .. I’m not long finding Zilch and rediscovering The Monkees since 1966 when I was 10 years old!! Among other wonderful things, a journey back to my youth and what was going on in the world at that time. I lived in Australia.I would sit on the floor by the gramophone speaker listening to Davy Jones’ breaths on “I wanna be free”. ������ Thankfully they weren’t edited out as no doubt they would be now!! ��

  2. I love this episode. Thank you so much for this one. Such a beautiful synopsis of the episode!