Thursday, July 19, 2018

Zilch #118 Sarah Jones & Along Came Jones!

Sarah Jones drops by to discuss "Along Came Jones Media" An exciting company that she and her sisters are starting to keep Davy Jone's legacy alive!
Visit for all the upcoming Davy news and discusses Davy and his place in our hearts and so much more! Thanks to Anita Williams Weinberg for all she does
And congrats to friend of "Zilch" Emily Dolenz Brenner and husband, William The couple brought Huxley Brenner into the world! Micky's newest grandson, Huxley!
Born to Emily Brenner on June 19th. Congrats!
Aired on 7/19/18.
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  1. Yes!! A documentary about your Dad's life (Davy Jones' life) would be absolutely wonderful!!! And, with you girls behind it, it would be done "right" and be a true and "honest" representation of your Dad!! I am all for it, and it sounds so exciting!!! I I can help in any way,I am "honored" to do so - you have only to ask!!

  2. I "love" the idea of the "book" about your Dad too - Awesome!!!